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Back in Shanghai, reunited with my boys, reunited with my Ru-Ru-Bear, and reunited with my office. I definitely have to post pics - I've added a crapload of toys and a glow-in-the-dark star-filled galaxy to my window. Yes, I am having fun.

I left a bag in Canada due to my sheer and utter brilliance. Mom is sending it to me so I should have it in a few weeks. It WOULD be the bag with all the classroom materials and games and prizes I bought. NATURALLY.

Orientation next week. First G1 classes in 2.  I am looking forward to this. I am going to use the many, many, MANY Sesame Street videos I downloaded as a regular part of my lessons, not to mention all the toys and props. I will try to take pics and/or video so you can see what I do with all this junk but it depends on who my coordinator is. If it's who I think it will be, she's way too busy to come to my classes on a regular basis. *sigh*

Neither Remy nor Chico were adopted on Sunday despite being among the youngest babies there. Someone apparently expressed interest at adopting the two of them together but balked at the adoption fee (1350 RMB or under $250).  Now, I couldn't afford the full adoption fee for Ruthie when I decided to keep her, but I also didn't complain about it. I asked about paying it in 2 installments, and making up for the hassle by doing volunteer work. If the person had done something like that, I don't think there would have been a huge problem. But if you whine about costs from the get-go, I foresee many future times of vet-troubles and ignoring pet pain because of bills. Not a good scenario. I've gone broke a few times paying Ru's bills but I've never hesitated. Something must have told LA that that person would have.

Oh well. LD has Remy for a few weeks for some socializing (more for her cat that Remy - he's already a chill, relaxed little social butterfly) and Chico is still tormenting Sammy and Yuki.

When I picked up Ruthie the other day, she CRIED. Her face was clear when she tackled my feet. I picked her up and she began her high-pitched yapping and hyperventilated breathing. When I put her down, her muzzle was streaked with water/mucus from her eyes. My baby cried. God, as if I didn't feel guilty  enough. >.<;;;
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