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Not much to post seeing as I have done ZIP in the last couple of weeks (I'm ashamed of myself, I truly am... *cough*), I figured I'd just update with the facts and JUST the facts. :)

Fact #1: 
It is just me, Ruthie, Sammy and Yuki once again. :)   After a year and a half of long-distance commuting for both angel_katchan and the Chibi, she finally decided to get a place of her own in the Qingpu district. Her school is there and so is the Chibi's, so it's completely understandable. :)  So yeah, my place is a little emptier, but it also seems so much bigger, so that's a plus. ^^

Fact #2:
This doesn't mean that Remy was adopted. *sad*  In fact, he is staying with a friend of mine who has become an SCAA foster parent! :)  So Remy is enjoying L's company in Jinshan with her own cat Kettingur. I miss my cuddly furball but he's got a good deal. :)


Fuzzy wuzzy babykins. :)

Fact #3: About a month before Kat and Chibi moved out, I found ANOTHER homeless sad sack. He is a unique individual with Scottish-fold ears (a true rarity here, lemme tell ya) and nose markings that resembled a mustache. Actually, with the ears looking like hair curls and the mustache, he resembled Nichola Tesla. So we named him Tesla, Tezzie for short. :)  Tezzie is in the process of being adopted by Kat and the Chibi themselves.   I would post a pic but apparently I have none of him saved on my computer. >.<;;   Picture later.

Fact #4:  At the SCAA Xmas Gala party I won a free two night stay at a hotel in Malaysia!  Now I just have to book it. April maybe.

Fact #5: in an attempt to figure out what causes my migraines, I underwent a 2-week drug trial and had an ECG AND an MRI done. Firstly - it was confirmed I do indeed have a brain. :)   Secondly, it is apparently disgustingly healthy.  Thirdly, we still have no reason for my migraines. Fourthly - i am never having an MRI again. I now know what it is like to be trapped in a coffin. Never. AGAIN.

And that's all for now. I have no doubt soon enough I'll have another fuzzy-wuzzy foster hanging around *knock on fake wood* but until then, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. :)

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