May. 7th, 2009

stormy1x2: Ryan Rennolds as Wade Wilson 'Deadpool' credit: stormy1x2 (deadpool)
It has come to my attention that some people simply don't understand why I am so giddy over the prospect of a Deadpool movie. I mean, the beginning of the movie, with pretty blonde Wade makes for good, sound reasoning, but the creepy-looking killer at the end of the flick? Not so much.

See, some people don't know just how awesome Wade continues to be once he recovers from the Weapon X/Dept. K experiements (though in comics-canon, he never had his mouth sewed shut). Wade Wilson, winner of the dead pool (the only person to survive Dept.K alive, healthy, STRONG and with his mind more or less intact), the legendary merc-with-a-mouth who can beat Wolverine in a fight on his best day, the sarcastic killer who later redeems himself as a true hero (after a lifetime of murder and mayhem), the hilarious man with the face of a monster but able to hide with an image inducer - I give you Deadpool.

Scanned in all its glory, the first run of Deadpool in his own solo mag, read it and laugh, and understand. :D

Part 1, 26 BIG images under cut )

Continue to Deadpool Volume 1 Issue 1 post 2 of 2.

I am posting issue one and ONLY issue 1 in its entirety to entice more people into loving this character and ultimately feling the need to support him by buying books with him in them, as well as encouraging them to go and see Deadpool the movie.

stormy1x2: Ryan Rennolds as Wade Wilson 'Deadpool' credit: stormy1x2 (deadpool)
Continued directly from where we left off in the first post!

Last six images under the cut. )

Now, I trust you all understand just how awesome this man is? Excellent. :D  

ETA:  am linking to my new fanworks journal on dreamwidth where all new fics and fan art is going to go. Only adult-rated stuff is locked, everything is open to the public.

Deadpool icons just posted!

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