May. 10th, 2009

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About a month ago, I was offered the chance to design a creative writing/art class hybrid. Design it myself, anything I wanted to do, all materials provided for (ANYTHING at all), and just do it.

Because it's new, I only had 3 students show up for today's test run. if the parents like it, they sign up for a full course. I got paid for today, but it was essentially a free class.

All the parents LOVED it, the kids didn't want to leave, and all of them signed up for the course. The American lady (whose son was a real hoot during class!) said she'd recommend MY course to other parents, to have them come out and give it a try. ^^

I feel so... accomplished. :D  Granted this now means I officially now have no days off (still working Saturdays in Qingpu for the next 6 weeks), but I don't even care. The classrooms are gorgeous, my every whim is indulged, no one stands over me and marks on my performance... it's seriously my own little class, my own world where I don't have to follow anyone's textbook or outline except my OWN. I LOVE IT.

And seriously, I need to post pics of the school. It's so beautiful. ^^

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