May. 11th, 2009

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For the child-type mother's on my f-list, I hope you had wonderful day being pampered and spoiled. To my own dear mommy, love you, miss you, won't say I wish you were here because you WERE back in February and I get the feeling you don't like China as much as I do. :D  Wish I was THERE, instead, but I will see you in June.

For the mother's of their precious little furkids/petkids - be they on wings, 4 legs, no legs, what have you - happy mother's day to you too! As one of you, I know our furry and fuzzy children help keep us sane and give us just as much love as any child (with the added benefit of not having to set aside a college fund). I hope you got lots of snuzzles today!  I know I did.

To the non-mother's on the old f-list, have a happy unmother's day - or just a plain old Happy Sunday.

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'Cause the world just needs more Deadpool.

He is so depraved. And a voyeur. ^___^

Spying Deadpool, killing Deadpool, and yes - even CROSS DRESSING Deadpool.  )

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. :D

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Back story:

A small dachshund puppy, utterly filthy, one leg covered with what looked like tar, and open sores on his shoulder, was on the school grounds. My kids naturally brought this to my attention and I went out to get it. I got there just in time to see the P.E teacher kick the little one out the gate. I chased it to Guangzhong road but couldn't get close.

Cue after class. I walked around Guangzhong road and actually found it. In trying to catch it, it got away again. I spent the next two hours chasing it up and down Liangchang road, down Guangzhong to Shuidian road, and back up to Xingtongxing road. Various people tried to help me find it (a security guard actually drove around on his motorcycle and pointed me in the right direction when I lost track of it) and I left the office phone number with 7 different complex security guards. Then a woman with a dog said she saw it run back and we went on another hunt.

At one point someone said he saw the dog go into a building complex, and we went in. I didn't think anything of it - I've gone into numerous complex grounds trying to find animals. Suddenly I heard yelling. The lady with the dog was being screamed at by this guy who was grabbing her arm and trying to drag her off the property. I went over and stepped between them, he backed off but kept shouting at the lady. His face was all red and squinty.

More people started gathering around and more people started shouting. I thought the guy and his buddies were going to hit the woman - whose only crime was helping me. Then the guy's foot hot out to kick her dog. She swept it up and went INSANE. The guy raised his hand and I stepped in font of her again, blocking him each time he tried to move around me. He barely acknowledged I was there, but someone was tugging his arm and saying 'don't hit the laowai' in Chinese ( Laowai means foreigner). I wasn't worried - no way they were going to hit me. But the woman was only there because she was a dog lover too, and wanted to help. The man was still shrieking and had whipped out his cell phone. I recognized the word for 'police - the guy was calling the cops!

I called H on my cell and told her what was going on. I managed to back dog lady out of the complex and handed her the phone to explain what was going on. Security guards showed up left, right and center and stood there, arms folded, glaring at the woman. Again, I was nearly invisible, but I stayed with the lady just in case.

Then the security guard grabbed her arm. Another one grabbed mine and tried to push us away even more. The lady went BERSERK, ripping her arm away and screaming obscenities. I pulled my arm away and told him calmly 'don't touch me please.' He apologized and backed away.

Apparently we walked onto a military base and one of the guards strenuously objected to a dog being on the base. We were escorted off just as a police car pulled onto the road, heading our way. I managed to drag dog lady with me and stopped her from going back. The security guards were taking statements and we took off. >.<

YIKES. ^__^

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