May. 20th, 2009

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  • wash the dishes
  • finish the laundry
  • mop the floors (desperately needed)
  • de-clutter kitchen table and the floor
  • finish review lesson plan for tests this week
  • conduct 80 oral tests
  • finish marking those damn report cards (80 of 120 due this week  I got a reprive! Not due until June 14th!!!)
  • live demo in Shaoxing w/Paddy and the kids this Friday
  • finish lesson plan for next Sunday's writing classes (2) (9:15 to 11:15)
  • finish lesson plan for Saturday's classes (Qingpu, 7am-2pm)
  • pick up more pots and soil (reimbursed) for class
  • pick up copy of 'Sister Act 2' to show kids samples of pop/gospel music
Just spent an hour putting together a pc presentation for tomorrow's grade 4 class. We're learning about the world and the people in it, so they get to try new ethnic foods, and play games that come from other countries. They fill info in on a chart, like the name of the countries, the continent it's on, the languages they speak, what the people are called, draw a pic of their flag, point it out on a map, and for food, they describe the taste, the appearance etc. They love it because it's such a hands-on, tactile lesson, but it means double the work for me. >.< Especially since tomorrow they get to sample rice krispie squares. Which means I have to make them. I thought about doing it tonight but In no longer care about it. I'll do it in the morning - I don't teach until 2:00, and RKS's set in less than 30 minutes. ;D

I doodled this in between classes the other day as a thank you for <lj user="eliyes"> and colored it/posted it last night on the <lj user="ricstar"> comm. She wrote me Teddy Bear fic for my Rictor pic 'Apology.' You can check out the pic and read the story here.] But as I was saing, here is the pic I did in return:

She wanted Tabitha, by crikey, she shall HAVE Tabitha. :D  I'd feel sorry for Sunspot, but I never did like Roberto.

Live demo this Friday. Hallen called me last night and said she couldn't go because of a meeting her teacher wanted her to attend on Friday. She wanted to know if we could reschedule. Yes, we're going to cancel a demo planned two weeks ago, reschedule all the teachers who booked Friday off to attend, and shuffle our schedules around just for you. I love this kid, really, but the world does not revolve around her, no matter HOW good her English is, and I told her flat out if she couldn't go, I was gonna bring Kitty. She was aghast at the thought of being replaced. and said she'd check with her mom and her teacher. She confirmed today she can go. I knew she would. Brat.

My head aches from two hours of mind-numbing research for theg G4's and trying to reformat the mangled mess that is the oral test J sent me in .rar format  - which my computer grinned gleefully at, gulped it down and threw it up at me filled with binary code and weird symbols I don't recognize.  .doc, office, .DOC. THIS is what my computer can read. Away from me with .rar files!

I managed to get two more pics outlined - one of our classes today was rescheduled, meaning YAY, 35 MINUTE BREAK. I doodled. I do this a lot.  They shall be posted on my dreamwidth fanfic/fanart account located here, on the off-chance anyone is interested. :D  And on <lj user="ricstar"> too, of course.

Am full from dinner. Mmmm, gnocchies. They are my new favorite food now.  Early bed, I think. :D

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