Sep. 4th, 2012

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Here we go! 

Waiting for our luggage in the Kashgar airport. This is a TINY airport but surprisingly well-run.

first meal, first day )Candid classroom shots )

Back in time for a moment.

The rooms were nice and so were the beds... after I went to everyone's room and stole the 2nd set of comforters and
mattress toppers from everyone. I'm pretty sure Mel has a pic of me running down the hallway, a mountain of bedding over
my head and trailing down my back like a cape, cackling like an idiot. ^^

A famous  - and beautiful - park in Kashgar.

Kashgar version of central park )

First night planning session. )

Mel plans her first day.

After a week of non-stop teaching and planning, we were dying to get out. Playing pool in the hotel's connection to the old British Consulate (YEARS ago), helped a bit.

Pool, drinking games, it's all good. )

That weekend we got our first excursion. It was to a coffee shop.

Not as fun but it was out of the hotel. )

Our first day trip was to the mausoleums. The temple was gorgeous:

Watch where you're aiming that camel! )

Then there was the whole Pumpkin-Gate scandal.

The story of the Pump-kid. )

It was good. Ra-men. :)  More pics of the 2nd half of our trip to come soon. :)


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