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Jul. 3rd, 2012 12:08 pm
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I blame the pizza last night....

Dreamed last night that my buddy Brent and I went to a local clinic after work. Brent was sick and I wanted to get some cough medicine anyway so I went too. For some reason, despite this being Shanghai, Brent had a car of his own. So, Brent drove his car and I left my backpack inside when we got there.

We went up to the top of the building (via the stairs – it looked like a winding treadmill, no elevator). A few minutes of waiting and Brent was called in. I was nervous about leaving my backpack so I ran downstairs. I searched and then realized Brent’s car had been stolen. I screamed his name and he stuck his head out through the window on the top floor, asking what the hell I wanted. 

I told him his car was gone. He didn’t seem too worried. I, on the other hand, was angry and upset because my camera, flash-drives (yes, plural – I have about 6), laptop, money, keys, passport and wallet were in my bag. Local police tried to calm us down but ultimately said it was Brent’s fault for not chaining his car to the bike rack. <-- Don’t ask me.  

Anyway, I exploded with rage. A local woman tried to help but didn’t do much except keep laughing at my anger. She also felt the urge to follow me to the bathroom at one point. I was in hysterics because I lost important stuff.  Two local guys were laughing at us from their fruit stand and kept pointing in opposite directions when we asked where the thieves had gone. I think they were in on it. 

The police wrote a check for 800rmb (what Brent’s car was apparently worth) and gave it to me as a way of apologizing. I was flipping out because that didn’t even cover the cost of replacing my camera (900, on sale no less), let along anything else. Police didn’t know why I was still upset and I screamed about my passport and losing my work visa and residence permit. I was starting to turn green ala the Hulk, snorting fire through my nostrils when suddenly I woke up, wanting to scream my head off.

..... Yes. Pizza. And the fact that Brent spoke of both hospitals and cars last night after work.   >.<;;;;

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