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You know, I had to actually stop myself from writing this earlier. 'Cause anything I wrote was gonna be tinged with an angry red haze, and well, my language kinda hits the gutter and keeps going down when I'm less than happy with the general world.

Yesterday's demo? Went off without a hitch. Which, in my mind, is some kind of goddamned miracle considering it took an hour and a half to coax my terrified kids into coming along. Were they scared of performing in front of 200 people? Well, if I go by their enthusiastic response from the day before, then no. They've done these kinds of demos a thousand times. They've done them on TV, in front of crowds OVER 200, in front of photographers, family members, government officials and foreigners from all over the world.

They were terrified of their teacher. Specifically, their Chinese home-room teacher.

We were supposed to leave at 1:00. I was outside waiting, they weren't. I got a call from  H at 1:15 and she told me there was a problem and she was coming down to discuss it. When she arrived, she told me that the demo was still on, but now the kids didn't want to go to it. Frankly, I was stunned. These kids LOVE to perform.

"Mandy," J added, looking troubled. "Kitty and Happy were crying."

Okay. I stormed past them and headed upstairs with my entourage of office people/ The kids were brought out and we went into another room to discuss what was going on. Apparently, their Chinese teacher had THREATENED and INTIMIDATED them into saying they didn't want to go.

The Chinese staff from the office went first and talked to them calmly. Kitty was sitting off to the side, tears pouring down her face. She was dead white from fear. I told her to come sit with me and she grabbed my hand like it was a freaking lifeline. what the hell happened?

Apparently the teacher had yelled at them, threatened them with negative marks or comments on their end of the year reports, all because they were going to miss her class for the day. And for what? Because MY classes are nothing, because this demo was all about making money for the company, and apparently nothing at all to do with the fact that they are our star students and their PARENTS were THRILLED to have their kids go along.

I was livid. And the office person wasn't helping - using a gentler approach but essentially still guilt-tripping them - "We really hope you can come, we planned this for you, we need you," etc, etc. I cut her of and told everyone to get out. The kids were discussing it amongst themselves, and we - the office - were going to talk to the Headmaster again(who apparently had no idea what was going on) and we offered a private tutor for them to make up the classes they would miss (using my class time tomorrow and on Monday).

I almost left too but  the kids asked me to stay and talk to them. They were scared - absolutely terrified that their teacher would take it out on them if they chose to go. Apparently she said that if they went, they would not be welcome in her class anymore. Emotional blackmail for the fucking win, y/n?

Long story short, there was more tears, many comforting hugs offered, reassurances given, and my personal assurances that nothing they chose to do would ever make me upset. If they decided not to go because of their teacher, then they would stay behind with my full support and blessing. To hell with the company and everyone else.

These kids are under intense pressure and this was just one more thing added to the pile and I could just THROTTLE their homeroom teacher. The parents had given the trip the green light. The headmaster had originally said yes when we told him about it 3 weeks ago. The kids wanted to go. The office wanted it. Everyone was in full support except her, and she punished THEM for it.

The kids had nothing to do with it. WE were the ones who arranged the whole thing. If the homeroom teacher was 'so concerned' for her students as she claimed, she should have made her complaints to ME or the company, or the headmaster. You. Do. NOT. Emotionally blackmail CHILDREN for something over which they have little to no control. Only VERY STUPID PEOPLE do this. And if you are exceptionally stupid, well then, you do it in front of ME.

The kids talked it out together  - a brainstorming session that astonished the people there (H told me later she was stunned at the way they were talking it out together and working out a solution they could all live with. She said she could definitely see bits of ME in their speech (Chinese, but still) and that usually Chinese kids just do as their told, not negotiating like they were) and mutually decided to do the demo, have the catchup sessions with the tutor, and basically stand together against her.

In LinAn they had a good time, they beat the high school students in their verbal tennis match, and their debate was a tie, which made me very happy. I didn't see them today, but I will tomorrow, and I intend to make sure that their teacher hasn't done anything to them.

I can't get over how pathetically SAD this situation is. I had a few teachers I didn't particularly like in high school (especially the one that made the snide comment about me apparently having no life because I like to read history books), but never EVER did I fear any of them - especially at the level I saw yesterday. Teachers were always at the back of my head as a safe haven - if you needed help as a last resort, or even as a first resort if you were so lacking. What I saw yesterday both enraged me and broke my heart.

But you know, as much as I want to drop kick Miss Pang off the side of the school building, a very small part of me wishes to thank her. After what I saw, I solemnly vow I will never, EVER put my students into a situation like that. I will strive not to guilt-trip or blackmail them and will encourage them to always do what they think is best for themselves first. And I will NEVER hold it against them if they are pressured by others to do something negative to what I say or do - at the very LEAST, i want to be someone they can confide in, and make sure they know there is at least one teacher who is always on their side. 

I will be seeing most of these kids in my Saturday advanced class next year, but even those I don't have, DO have my email address. What is common for us in North America - being able to go to an authority figure for help - is something very lacking here. Parents exact huge amounts of pressure for their kids to be the best. Teachers threaten them. The police don't give a damn.  I didn't think much of Kitty coming to me and grabbing my arm as hard as she could - I was upset at the sight of her trying not to bawl in front of the group - but again, apparently students just don't do that in China, and the fact that my kids felt so comfortable with me that they were able to let down their guard (even with strangers there) was just unheard of.

Which explains why teenage suicide rates are still so high here.

I think I still have a lot of work to do here.
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So my life is hectic and crazy enough right? Nope. Let's add in some additional work.

Office: "So we want you to illustrate the new textbooks. We'll pay you XXX amount."

Stormy: "Uhhh... I'm already doing this, that and the other thing."

Office: "What about XXXX amount?"

Stormy: "When do you want them?"

Turns out they need 28 specific sketches by Tuesday. Around meetings, lesson prep, teaching (every day, yes, including Saturday AND Sunday)  AND getting ready for the demo/show this Wednesday, I've been doing sketches for them and yes, I'm posting them here for some feedback about whether or not you can recognize what each picture represents easily. If you can't, neither will the kids. ^^

Pics under the cut. )


May. 30th, 2009 02:50 pm
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Finally started getting some more videos uploaded to Facebook. ;D

Shaoxing: Videos taken during the time of the Demo from Hell (TM).

Video 1 - we're in the car, the kids are insane, and Hallen tries desperately to convince us she's actually going to do better than last place in her video game. Which, for the record, has never, and will never happen. :D

Video 2 - on the pedicab with Happy! Happy is always fun to chat with, especially when you're being cycled around town.

More video under the cut. )
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The demo may have been from hell, but the kids are always fun. :D

Am having trouble with the lj-cut. Forgive me.

Read more... )

The end. :D

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This past Friday, we had another teacher-training demo in Shaoxing, a very old city about three hours south west of Shanghai. This was the second demo P and I were to do, so one would think it would be even more of a success than our first one.

Yeah. Right.

How these demo's work, is P explains the theories of why and how to teach something (don't even get me started on present-continuous what-EVERS) and then I demo games that make it easy and interesting to teach these concepts. Back and forth, that's how it went during the first one, and we had a great time, with a great response. It was fun, the teachers got involved, my kids were awesome, and we got lots of great feedback.

Cut to this past Friday. For starters, my students and I could have stayed freaking HOME for the first hour. P took over the whole thing, talking for almost the entire time, and only asking me to demo a few sentences - not games, just have my kids stand up and repeat back a few questions and answers. It was POINTLESS. Then, for the last twenty minutes, he turned it over to me saying *I* was going to explain the last few things, and then basically sat back and stared out the window (he didn't even pretend to pay attention - I had to say his name to get his attention TWICE).

Excuse me? I have no problem explaining things, but you have to tell me IN ADVANCE. There is a huge difference in explaining teaching techniques to foreigners who speak the same language, and Chinese English teachers - most of whom had never even MET a foreigner in real life before, much less listened to one lecture them. It takes precise, clear and structured formatting - none of which I had ready. I *know* i heard a few in the back going 'xi miensa' (bad pingyin, going phoentically) which means 'What's the meaning' or 'what the hell is this lady talking about?'

And my kids? Did pretty much nothing. it was BORING for EVERYONE.

But let's not stop there. We had planned this to be a day trip. The kids - Happy, Hallen, Kitty and Jerry - had been disappointed that they couldn't see more of Lin'an when we were there last month, so this month, we decided they would get to do a bit of sight-seeing before we headed back to Shanghai. This was planned weeks ago, and we were all in agreement this was a good thing. The idea was to head back to Shanghai at 7pm.

P tried joking about it as soon as we were done lunch - "If you guys (being H, who was in charge)  wanna cancel the site-seeing, I'm sure no one will complain."

Um, I would. So would the kids, and I told him that. So he sulked the entire time we were biked around the ancient city on these little pedi-cabs, grumping and basically ignoring us the whole time. Jerry had sit with him in the pedicab and apparently P wouldn't talk to him. Can we say immature? And P is in his early 60's!

But the final straw? It was about 6:35 when we got back to where the van was. The kids wanted to make one last trip to the little stores nearby. so H and I took them. Then, at about 6:45, we were heading back, when H and I both realized we'd better hit the restrooms before getting into the van for a 3 hour drive. We turned to head back to the restaurant, and that's when P braced himself against the guardrail along the river and screamed at us: "SO WILL WE BE GOING BACK TO SHANGHAI ANYTIME TODAY OR WHAT? LET'S GO!"

The kids froze, thinking it was their fault. I was PISSED and yelled back, 'We're going to the frigging bathroom P. You really think I'm gonna ask your permission for that? Just. Freaking .WAIT.'

Well, needless to say he was pissed off even more, and refused to speak to any of us for the 3 hour ride home. Big surprise.

Look, I get that he has a 3 month old he's anxious to get back to. I realize he has to work the next morning. But damnit, so did I - in fact, I had it worse than him 'cause I had to be up by 6 to be out the door for 6:45 to get to my Qingpu class. And H had to work at 9am too, so it's not like he was the only one who would have a rough day.

AND HE *KNEW* we were doing sight-seeing. HE *KNEW* we'd leave at 7pm. This was NOT sprung on him. In fact, it was supposed to be a 2-day trip and we cut it back to one because he complained. To shout at us like that was like treating all of us as children. Don't you DARE do that to me. I don't give a DAMN if you're old enough to be my father - I am your CO-WORKER, and you WILL treat me with respect.

Usually my conscience gives me a twinge when I shout back at people, but I refuse to feel guilty. He obviously had problems about being rude and obnoxious - I refuse to feel guilty about being rude in return. In fact, we have a meeting tonight about a new demo, and I ain't doing it unless we get a couple of things straight about proper behaviour, how you address issues you have with the itinerary (i.e, discuss it like an adult instead of screaming like a fucking two year old having a temper tantrum), and going over in detail HOW we are going to do this damn thing. I am so sick of his attitude.

(and while I hate to throw my weight around, if it came down to it, it ain't me who'll be let go due to problems working with each other. You've got LOTS of complaints against you P - some of which I even defended you against, which you don't know. Not anymore asshole.)

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'Splain please. 

I made Rice Krispie Squares for my Grade 4 class (yes, the class giving me mental fits at the moment with all the added prep I need to do) and had to go to the official site for the recipe. I mean, I know the ingredients, I just wanted to be sure of amounts.

The number of people on the site commenting about having problems making this was STAGGERING.

"It sticks to everything!"

"It got all over the kitchen!"

Ummm.. it's made of MARSHMALLOW. Of COURSE it's going to be sticky! *smacks idiots repeatedly* i can't believe people are afraid of letting ME near their kitchens. At least I can understand common sense things that SHOULD NOT NEED TO BE EXPLAINED.

And why do people think they need to stick their hands in the bowl to make this? One lady mentioned buttering EVERYTHING, including the pots, the spoons, the trays - and her ARMS up to her ELBOWS WTF - and she still complained it made a giant mess.

Okay, 4 cups'a mini-mallows inna pot. Two big spoons'a butter. Melt, while continuously stirring (I used a chopstick). 6 cups'a cereal inna 'nudder bowl. Pour mallow mix into the cereal. Use a big spoon and stir the heck out of it until all the 'Krispies are coated. Dip spoon in cold water, spoon inna greased pan, flatten with back'a da spoon (dip in more water as it gets sticky) and shove it into the tiny space in the fridge you managed to clear for it. Allow to set. Refrain from eating all of it right away. Give up as lost cause and eat entire tray. Repent at leisure.

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  • wash the dishes
  • finish the laundry
  • mop the floors (desperately needed)
  • de-clutter kitchen table and the floor
  • finish review lesson plan for tests this week
  • conduct 80 oral tests
  • finish marking those damn report cards (80 of 120 due this week  I got a reprive! Not due until June 14th!!!)
  • live demo in Shaoxing w/Paddy and the kids this Friday
  • finish lesson plan for next Sunday's writing classes (2) (9:15 to 11:15)
  • finish lesson plan for Saturday's classes (Qingpu, 7am-2pm)
  • pick up more pots and soil (reimbursed) for class
  • pick up copy of 'Sister Act 2' to show kids samples of pop/gospel music
Just spent an hour putting together a pc presentation for tomorrow's grade 4 class. We're learning about the world and the people in it, so they get to try new ethnic foods, and play games that come from other countries. They fill info in on a chart, like the name of the countries, the continent it's on, the languages they speak, what the people are called, draw a pic of their flag, point it out on a map, and for food, they describe the taste, the appearance etc. They love it because it's such a hands-on, tactile lesson, but it means double the work for me. >.< Especially since tomorrow they get to sample rice krispie squares. Which means I have to make them. I thought about doing it tonight but In no longer care about it. I'll do it in the morning - I don't teach until 2:00, and RKS's set in less than 30 minutes. ;D

I doodled this in between classes the other day as a thank you for <lj user="eliyes"> and colored it/posted it last night on the <lj user="ricstar"> comm. She wrote me Teddy Bear fic for my Rictor pic 'Apology.' You can check out the pic and read the story here.] But as I was saing, here is the pic I did in return:

She wanted Tabitha, by crikey, she shall HAVE Tabitha. :D  I'd feel sorry for Sunspot, but I never did like Roberto.

Live demo this Friday. Hallen called me last night and said she couldn't go because of a meeting her teacher wanted her to attend on Friday. She wanted to know if we could reschedule. Yes, we're going to cancel a demo planned two weeks ago, reschedule all the teachers who booked Friday off to attend, and shuffle our schedules around just for you. I love this kid, really, but the world does not revolve around her, no matter HOW good her English is, and I told her flat out if she couldn't go, I was gonna bring Kitty. She was aghast at the thought of being replaced. and said she'd check with her mom and her teacher. She confirmed today she can go. I knew she would. Brat.

My head aches from two hours of mind-numbing research for theg G4's and trying to reformat the mangled mess that is the oral test J sent me in .rar format  - which my computer grinned gleefully at, gulped it down and threw it up at me filled with binary code and weird symbols I don't recognize.  .doc, office, .DOC. THIS is what my computer can read. Away from me with .rar files!

I managed to get two more pics outlined - one of our classes today was rescheduled, meaning YAY, 35 MINUTE BREAK. I doodled. I do this a lot.  They shall be posted on my dreamwidth fanfic/fanart account located here, on the off-chance anyone is interested. :D  And on <lj user="ricstar"> too, of course.

Am full from dinner. Mmmm, gnocchies. They are my new favorite food now.  Early bed, I think. :D

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After bringing home a pair of foster kitties from the vet, two of our foster parents accidentally dropped the cage they were in when they were getting out of the taxi. It shattered, they scattered, and BOOM - instant calling of all SCAA people's to come and join a search party.

Since it was 7:30 at night, that meant it was pitch black, so we were all armed with flashlights and tins of smelly cat treats. We also wound up crawling through vents and 5 of us, myself included, wound up climbing over several fences following Dexter (one of the 2). We saw both of them but couldn't catch them, so Lee-anne baited her humane catch-and-release cage. We set it up and locked it to the bike shed - the foster parents are gonna check it every two hours over the night ad climbed out to the applause of a dozen amused local residents who were utterly confounded at the number of laowais worried about lost cats.

Poor babies. They must be so scared and confused.

Anyway, meme time. And HELLS YES:

Your Transformer Sue by ravenclaw_devi
User name
You are a...Triple-changer
Your color schemeblack as night
Your opticstwin ruby flames
Your special powertime-travel
Your attitudesuperbitch
Your love interestProwl
Your weaknessWeakness? What weakness?
You will...Make Optimus forget Elita

I ain't changing a thing, dude. Except maybe Prowl 'cause Jazz would get SO jealous, but I'll risk it if I can keep everything else. Black paint job! Bad ass! TIME TRAVELING TRIPLE CHANGER!!!! HELL YEAH! I am SO saving Screamer's life! *nodsnodsnods*
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Checklist time. Things I need to accomplish this week. Yay:
  • wash the dishes
  • finish the laundry
  • mop the floors (desperately needed)
  • de-clutter kitchen table
  • finish review lesson plan for tests this week
  • conduct 80 oral tests
  • finish marking those damn report cards (80 of 120 due this week)
  • live demo in Shaoxing w/Paddy and the kids this Friday
  • finish lesson plan for next Sunday's writing classes (2) (9:15 to 11:15)
  • finish lesson plan for Saturday's classes (Qingpu, 7am-2pm)
  • pick up more pots and soil (reimbursed) for class
  • pick up copy of 'Sister Act 2' to show kids samples of pop/gospel music
I'm making the most of the rest of my Sunday. I got home at 1pm after my creative writing classes this morning, and I have been watching Simpsons, sketching, and reading fanfics for the last 4 hours. :D

Kamio says, 'You MUST look under the cut. You MUST.' )

I'm thinking pasta for dinner tonight. ^___^

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I think I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but I totally blame twbasketcase for my obsession with all things RicStar. I mean, she wrote all those fics, and then she put a website together starring my boys that I CANNOT STAY AWAY FROM, so yes, these stupid little comics are ALL HER FAULT.  And like everyone else, she is not repentant. At ALL.

Shatterstar does not know how to share (or play nicely with others, for that matter). But as I detest Rahne (post-Excalibur Rahne, that is), I encourage his violence:

Jealousy part the First. )

And then on the other hand, Rictor is just as bad. :D  

Jealousy part the Second. )

Crappy sketching (five mins tops) and equally crappy coloring, but fun to do.

I have another one nearly finished but I'm going to bed now. I'll finish it in the morning.

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twbasketcase requested Ric touching Shatterstar's hair. I don't think this was what she expected, but it was the first thing that came to my mind. :D

Well, technically there IS touching of hair.... )

Sketch time: 5 minutes. Color time: 10 minutes.  Crappy but quick. ;D

Then wispykitty BROKE my BRAIN with bad Shawn/Diesel fic (which can be seen in the comments under my entry entitled 'fanwork updates' - about 4 posts down, I believe). As a result, she challenged me to draw a pocky picture (which she DOESN'T DESERVE because she BROKE my BRAIN).

What's this about strawberry pocky? )

Sketch time: 5 minutes.  Color time: 10 minutes. As crappy as the one above it, but I don't care. :D What do you expect for 5 minutes with no reference pics?

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Let's start with life, actually. I went out and bought myself a lawn chair for my balcony. The sun is out almost every day here now, and it's gorgeous and warm and breezy and I have new books to read. This just SCREAMS of laying out in the sun. I shall post pics once the damn thing is put together. Which may take a while - I bought a kitchen organizer a week and a half ago and its corpse is still scattered around the kitchen, leaking screws and bits of metal post.

Another Open Class this Saturday in Qingpu. There are some teachers from another district coming to watch and take notes, but hey, no pressure. A fleet of teachers from Hangzhou are also coming next Wednesday to watch my five, who had better behave or I'll behead all of them with my textbook.

[personal profile] just_jesse  came over for dinner last night. It was fantabulous. I made chicken wings with mom's special sauce (yummy!) and frenchfries. We also had cucumbers and celery and real Bleu Cheese dressing (Jo has a new City Supermarket near her home, damn the woman. I still need to go downtown). She also helped me bake mountains of cookies. Why were there mountains of cookies in need of baking?

Because the grade 5's made cookies yesterday. They had a recipe they wrote down, mixed all the stuff together, rolled it out, used the cookie cutters, and I enlisted office people's help to carry trays of cookies home where we spent the next two hours baking cookies, two trays at a time, for 7 minute intervals. And I still have a huge bowl of dough left. >.<;;;;;;

I have a new desktop picture. It's pretty. Teaser:

Shiny knees. *petspetspets*

Smexy Deadpool.  )

Comic!Wade is pretty. So is Movie!Wade:

Here, have some MOAR pretty Movie!Wade:

Caution. Pics beneath the cut may cause squeeing, fainting, and spontaneous combustion. )

...Must take cold shower. Back later.

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So I had a long, very long meeting with my boss today to talk about my upcoming new promotion and the duties that lie ahead. :D  If it all works out according to plan, yes insanely busy, but yes, also highly interesting. And lucrative. That's always a selling point.

<lj user="wispykitty"> broke my brain, so I immediately had to replace it with the images of happiness. Here, have some more Deadpool icons.

No luck finding the puppy yet. Spent another hour wandering Gunagzhong road (steering clear of the military housing area this time) but not a glimpse of the little brat. Poor thing. I hope it's ok.

Joanna ([personal profile] just_jesse )is coming to dinner tomorrow night. I am making chicken wings and french fries, and we will attempt to make a chocolate cake. I am also pressing for the watching of the Fast and the Furious parts 1 and 2. See, I managed to introduce Jo to the concept of fandoms, and she's really gotten into it. Unfortunately, her main fandom at the moment is 'Twilight'. Yes, I have failed.

However, after seeing Wolverine: Origins, she is interested in Logan/Gambit ficbits (I must remember to send her to Creed's archive) and I have no doubt she will follow in my Dom/Bri footsteps once she sees the yumminess that is FatF 1. :D

Six weeks and counting until I get 5-6 weeks off (later if I decline the summer camp option - don't know yet).

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Back story:

A small dachshund puppy, utterly filthy, one leg covered with what looked like tar, and open sores on his shoulder, was on the school grounds. My kids naturally brought this to my attention and I went out to get it. I got there just in time to see the P.E teacher kick the little one out the gate. I chased it to Guangzhong road but couldn't get close.

Cue after class. I walked around Guangzhong road and actually found it. In trying to catch it, it got away again. I spent the next two hours chasing it up and down Liangchang road, down Guangzhong to Shuidian road, and back up to Xingtongxing road. Various people tried to help me find it (a security guard actually drove around on his motorcycle and pointed me in the right direction when I lost track of it) and I left the office phone number with 7 different complex security guards. Then a woman with a dog said she saw it run back and we went on another hunt.

At one point someone said he saw the dog go into a building complex, and we went in. I didn't think anything of it - I've gone into numerous complex grounds trying to find animals. Suddenly I heard yelling. The lady with the dog was being screamed at by this guy who was grabbing her arm and trying to drag her off the property. I went over and stepped between them, he backed off but kept shouting at the lady. His face was all red and squinty.

More people started gathering around and more people started shouting. I thought the guy and his buddies were going to hit the woman - whose only crime was helping me. Then the guy's foot hot out to kick her dog. She swept it up and went INSANE. The guy raised his hand and I stepped in font of her again, blocking him each time he tried to move around me. He barely acknowledged I was there, but someone was tugging his arm and saying 'don't hit the laowai' in Chinese ( Laowai means foreigner). I wasn't worried - no way they were going to hit me. But the woman was only there because she was a dog lover too, and wanted to help. The man was still shrieking and had whipped out his cell phone. I recognized the word for 'police - the guy was calling the cops!

I called H on my cell and told her what was going on. I managed to back dog lady out of the complex and handed her the phone to explain what was going on. Security guards showed up left, right and center and stood there, arms folded, glaring at the woman. Again, I was nearly invisible, but I stayed with the lady just in case.

Then the security guard grabbed her arm. Another one grabbed mine and tried to push us away even more. The lady went BERSERK, ripping her arm away and screaming obscenities. I pulled my arm away and told him calmly 'don't touch me please.' He apologized and backed away.

Apparently we walked onto a military base and one of the guards strenuously objected to a dog being on the base. We were escorted off just as a police car pulled onto the road, heading our way. I managed to drag dog lady with me and stopped her from going back. The security guards were taking statements and we took off. >.<

YIKES. ^__^
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'Cause the world just needs more Deadpool.

He is so depraved. And a voyeur. ^___^

Spying Deadpool, killing Deadpool, and yes - even CROSS DRESSING Deadpool.  )

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. :D

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For the child-type mother's on my f-list, I hope you had wonderful day being pampered and spoiled. To my own dear mommy, love you, miss you, won't say I wish you were here because you WERE back in February and I get the feeling you don't like China as much as I do. :D  Wish I was THERE, instead, but I will see you in June.

For the mother's of their precious little furkids/petkids - be they on wings, 4 legs, no legs, what have you - happy mother's day to you too! As one of you, I know our furry and fuzzy children help keep us sane and give us just as much love as any child (with the added benefit of not having to set aside a college fund). I hope you got lots of snuzzles today!  I know I did.

To the non-mother's on the old f-list, have a happy unmother's day - or just a plain old Happy Sunday.

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About a month ago, I was offered the chance to design a creative writing/art class hybrid. Design it myself, anything I wanted to do, all materials provided for (ANYTHING at all), and just do it.

Because it's new, I only had 3 students show up for today's test run. if the parents like it, they sign up for a full course. I got paid for today, but it was essentially a free class.

All the parents LOVED it, the kids didn't want to leave, and all of them signed up for the course. The American lady (whose son was a real hoot during class!) said she'd recommend MY course to other parents, to have them come out and give it a try. ^^

I feel so... accomplished. :D  Granted this now means I officially now have no days off (still working Saturdays in Qingpu for the next 6 weeks), but I don't even care. The classrooms are gorgeous, my every whim is indulged, no one stands over me and marks on my performance... it's seriously my own little class, my own world where I don't have to follow anyone's textbook or outline except my OWN. I LOVE IT.

And seriously, I need to post pics of the school. It's so beautiful. ^^
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Update for my fanworks journal. In order of posting:

- 2 new Inuyasha sketches posted
- New LGO'verse Prince of Tennis (Kirihara/Kamio) fanfic posted, chapter 1 of 3. Every LGO fic I have is also now posted there. See tags.
-crapload of Naruto fan art (mostly Genin 9 as jounins). Actually older artwork, posted for completion. ^^
- 23 Deadpool icons
- 15 Sonic Underground icons
- more old fan art  for Parallel (Harry Potter/Gundam Wing). Don't honestly remember if these pics have ever seen the light of day before.
- Art dump from multiple fandoms:  TMNT, DBZ, Inuyasha, WWE, HP, Naruto and X-Force
- Some PoT -specific fan art
- Parts 1 to 5 (of evetual 6) of slashy My Little Pony (Ace/Teddy) fic
- Transformers fic (Red Alert, Prowl)
- Transformers comic strip

And much much more. Please to enjoy. ^__^

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I am in serious need of some help. I had a rather.. vivid plot bunny attack me and demand to be written. Unfortunately it was only 3 pages of a scene, lacking a coherent beginning, a decent ending, and a few gaps that need to be plugged in the middle.

It's a rather descriptive, slashy lemon between Wade and Logan (set before Logan abandons the team in Africa) and I need someone willing to help me rip it apart and put it back together. I'm looking for harsh C&C, not ego-stroking. Yes-men need not apply. Tell me a section sucks, I will nod, and work harder. :D  It's meant to be a one shot, preferably not to go over 5 pages (already at 3 going on 4) so you don't need to be on hand for hours. I just need to clean it up.

Seriously, I don't do these pieces too often, so I like them to at least 'okay' if not 'fabulous' before I release them to the general public.

Anyone with the necessary cruelty interested? ^^  Please? As a thank you, should I write something that actually appeals, I will write another fic of your choosing. ^__^

[edit] Thank you [personal profile] ukefied !
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I went digging through my box of reading materals (everything from magazines, newspapers I've kept for some reason, books, and comic books) to see just what it was I had lurking there. Lo and behold, I had another Deadpool issue. Issue 31 to be exact.

Not scanning the whole thing, but I did choose 7  pages that had some good Deadpool art/banter. The two women he's with - Ilaney (German, saved her life back in the 'teens period of the series and made her his personal pilot), and Mercedes - apparently his 'wife - are pretty cool. I like the ch-chkkk part. :D

This issue was interesting because it was the end of the major story arc of the series up to that point, and even looks like it ends on a happy note. Of course, with Wade's luck, we all know that can't happen, and sure enough the last page - which I didn't scan because no one would understand the significance of the surprise show-up is unless you've read the book to that point - marks the beginning of yet another downward spiral for our favorite merc-with-a-mouth. However, Wade always eventually lands on his feet, and he DOES get over everything. Eventually. Cracking quips all the way. :D I love this man.

Welcome to Landau, Luckman, and Lake - an interstellar banking and company holdings facility that can buy and sell your universe before lunchtime:

They're prisoners for the moment, even though DP was working for them. Apparently he did his job a little too well. Please take note of the company policy bulletin board on the wall. :D

7 piccies under the cut plus added bonus of bulemic!Deadpool )

In about 6 weeks, I'll be back in Canada and the first thing I'mma do is dig out all my old back issues. Deadpool needs more love.

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