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So I'm back in Shanghai. *pause for cheers* Thank the gods. I spent a miserable day yesterday in bed coughing and sneezing and wishing for death (while watching Ranma 1/2 season 1 through to 5) and now I'm back at the office feeling almost 100 percent.

I got back from Taicong  Friday night with a headache that had started on Thursday. Saturday was spent in a haze of pain until finally, on Sunday, I went with Kat to Dragonfly and had a half-hour head and shoulder massage. The therapist targeted the exact spot in my skull that was sending spikes through it and after 5 minutes of whimpering like a baby, my entire head was numb. NUMB. Blessedly pain-free. I haven't had a headache since, knock on wood. I am so going back there next weekend to keep this going.

As I'm writing this, a package was just delivered to my office. It's from [personal profile] blithesea !  It arrived! And I can't believe it - LD is going to love it! She made me and L matching black-and-purple Decepticon handbags. I can't believe you made these, Liz! They look fantastic!  If and when I get to Germany, I am going to glomp-tackle you so hard you will be seeing stars for a month! :)

Speaking of L, she and her friend Kyr stopped by on Saturday for a visit. They left Sunday morning to hit the airport - they're flying to Moscow and taking the 7-day train back to Beijing. Lucky lucky. I am so jealous. :)   L will be back next weekend or so, so the bag from Liz will make a perfect 'welcome back' gift for her.

Which leads me to travel in general. I am flying to Toronto on August 4th and will be leaving on the 19th, for those who are interested. Not sure of what I will be doing during that time besides communing with nature, swimming, sleeping and shopping. :)  Yes, lots of shopping. I have a list.  I am looking forward to a chance to completely recharge. I will miss my baby but she'll be in good hands.

Ruthie meantime has been glued to my feet whenever I'm home. As always, J took fantastic care of her and Ru looked amazing, but she hyperventilated upon seeing me again, crying herself into hoarseness until she couldn't make a sound except for air going through her throat, poor girl. I'm glad I'm home right now so I can spend time with her until I have to leave again.

Whelp... I have doctor training tomorrow so I'd better finish my outline for them.Talk again soon!

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