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Grade 5 pics and stories:

Image heavy, memory-laden SAP under the cut.... )

Grade 4's and 3's to be posted eventually.

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So my life is hectic and crazy enough right? Nope. Let's add in some additional work.

Office: "So we want you to illustrate the new textbooks. We'll pay you XXX amount."

Stormy: "Uhhh... I'm already doing this, that and the other thing."

Office: "What about XXXX amount?"

Stormy: "When do you want them?"

Turns out they need 28 specific sketches by Tuesday. Around meetings, lesson prep, teaching (every day, yes, including Saturday AND Sunday)  AND getting ready for the demo/show this Wednesday, I've been doing sketches for them and yes, I'm posting them here for some feedback about whether or not you can recognize what each picture represents easily. If you can't, neither will the kids. ^^

Pics under the cut. )

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The demo may have been from hell, but the kids are always fun. :D

Am having trouble with the lj-cut. Forgive me.

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The end. :D

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Let's start with life, actually. I went out and bought myself a lawn chair for my balcony. The sun is out almost every day here now, and it's gorgeous and warm and breezy and I have new books to read. This just SCREAMS of laying out in the sun. I shall post pics once the damn thing is put together. Which may take a while - I bought a kitchen organizer a week and a half ago and its corpse is still scattered around the kitchen, leaking screws and bits of metal post.

Another Open Class this Saturday in Qingpu. There are some teachers from another district coming to watch and take notes, but hey, no pressure. A fleet of teachers from Hangzhou are also coming next Wednesday to watch my five, who had better behave or I'll behead all of them with my textbook.

[personal profile] just_jesse  came over for dinner last night. It was fantabulous. I made chicken wings with mom's special sauce (yummy!) and frenchfries. We also had cucumbers and celery and real Bleu Cheese dressing (Jo has a new City Supermarket near her home, damn the woman. I still need to go downtown). She also helped me bake mountains of cookies. Why were there mountains of cookies in need of baking?

Because the grade 5's made cookies yesterday. They had a recipe they wrote down, mixed all the stuff together, rolled it out, used the cookie cutters, and I enlisted office people's help to carry trays of cookies home where we spent the next two hours baking cookies, two trays at a time, for 7 minute intervals. And I still have a huge bowl of dough left. >.<;;;;;;

I have a new desktop picture. It's pretty. Teaser:

Shiny knees. *petspetspets*

Smexy Deadpool.  )

Comic!Wade is pretty. So is Movie!Wade:

Here, have some MOAR pretty Movie!Wade:

Caution. Pics beneath the cut may cause squeeing, fainting, and spontaneous combustion. )

...Must take cold shower. Back later.

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For the child-type mother's on my f-list, I hope you had wonderful day being pampered and spoiled. To my own dear mommy, love you, miss you, won't say I wish you were here because you WERE back in February and I get the feeling you don't like China as much as I do. :D  Wish I was THERE, instead, but I will see you in June.

For the mother's of their precious little furkids/petkids - be they on wings, 4 legs, no legs, what have you - happy mother's day to you too! As one of you, I know our furry and fuzzy children help keep us sane and give us just as much love as any child (with the added benefit of not having to set aside a college fund). I hope you got lots of snuzzles today!  I know I did.

To the non-mother's on the old f-list, have a happy unmother's day - or just a plain old Happy Sunday.

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I went digging through my box of reading materals (everything from magazines, newspapers I've kept for some reason, books, and comic books) to see just what it was I had lurking there. Lo and behold, I had another Deadpool issue. Issue 31 to be exact.

Not scanning the whole thing, but I did choose 7  pages that had some good Deadpool art/banter. The two women he's with - Ilaney (German, saved her life back in the 'teens period of the series and made her his personal pilot), and Mercedes - apparently his 'wife - are pretty cool. I like the ch-chkkk part. :D

This issue was interesting because it was the end of the major story arc of the series up to that point, and even looks like it ends on a happy note. Of course, with Wade's luck, we all know that can't happen, and sure enough the last page - which I didn't scan because no one would understand the significance of the surprise show-up is unless you've read the book to that point - marks the beginning of yet another downward spiral for our favorite merc-with-a-mouth. However, Wade always eventually lands on his feet, and he DOES get over everything. Eventually. Cracking quips all the way. :D I love this man.

Welcome to Landau, Luckman, and Lake - an interstellar banking and company holdings facility that can buy and sell your universe before lunchtime:

They're prisoners for the moment, even though DP was working for them. Apparently he did his job a little too well. Please take note of the company policy bulletin board on the wall. :D

7 piccies under the cut plus added bonus of bulemic!Deadpool )

In about 6 weeks, I'll be back in Canada and the first thing I'mma do is dig out all my old back issues. Deadpool needs more love.

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Continued directly from where we left off in the first post!

Last six images under the cut. )

Now, I trust you all understand just how awesome this man is? Excellent. :D  

ETA:  am linking to my new fanworks journal on dreamwidth where all new fics and fan art is going to go. Only adult-rated stuff is locked, everything is open to the public.

Deadpool icons just posted!

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It has come to my attention that some people simply don't understand why I am so giddy over the prospect of a Deadpool movie. I mean, the beginning of the movie, with pretty blonde Wade makes for good, sound reasoning, but the creepy-looking killer at the end of the flick? Not so much.

See, some people don't know just how awesome Wade continues to be once he recovers from the Weapon X/Dept. K experiements (though in comics-canon, he never had his mouth sewed shut). Wade Wilson, winner of the dead pool (the only person to survive Dept.K alive, healthy, STRONG and with his mind more or less intact), the legendary merc-with-a-mouth who can beat Wolverine in a fight on his best day, the sarcastic killer who later redeems himself as a true hero (after a lifetime of murder and mayhem), the hilarious man with the face of a monster but able to hide with an image inducer - I give you Deadpool.

Scanned in all its glory, the first run of Deadpool in his own solo mag, read it and laugh, and understand. :D

Part 1, 26 BIG images under cut )

Continue to Deadpool Volume 1 Issue 1 post 2 of 2.

I am posting issue one and ONLY issue 1 in its entirety to entice more people into loving this character and ultimately feling the need to support him by buying books with him in them, as well as encouraging them to go and see Deadpool the movie.

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Image heavy )

Tomorrow I'll post day two with pics of Hangzhou.  ^__^
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I got my Starscreams! I have been wanting these toys for over a year now and I finally have them in my grubby little paws!

And good grief, toy makers want you to be extra, super-specially sure you want to take them out of the packaging. Every piece of plastic rope tying down every single limb, dozens of pieces of tape securing the box and then securing each of the ties, plus little plastic bits of webbing holding the toy within - it's like the box is giving you the chance to back off. "Do you really want to open this? Are you sure? It's not too late you know - you're only a quarter of the way through..."

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for Starscream! )

In other news, vet visit today was good. I am proud to say I spent almost $300 CAD (2000RMB) to be told Ruthie is disgustingly healthy. She got her x-rays done (two plates, no sedation) and her hip bone has some more smoothness to it - like it's improving somewhat instead of getting worse. ^^ This is good. She also got her yearly vaccinations, a general checkup (eyes, teeth, gums, anal glands, heart/pulse, tummy manip etc), a bath and a haircut (she's got pink bows!! I asked for RED!!) , and got her teeth brushed. I also picked up a water fountain water dish for her, some cesar dog packets to mix with her food, two Revolution doses (this month and next), a new dog bowl, some puppy treats, some vitamiin supplements and a bottle of tear-stain removal for her eyes. Not a bad haul for just under $300. And that's it for the next six months, hopefully.

Lastly, I have video of my kids up on facebook, as well as two vids from Hangzhou  - one of the myna birds saying, 'Nihao" and another short video showing baby froggies at the tea farm - baby frogs about the size of a friggin' DIME. TINY. Must view. I don't know how to link to each video. Anyone have any pointers? Thank you LJ user 'thetech' for the help!

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