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I got my Starscreams! I have been wanting these toys for over a year now and I finally have them in my grubby little paws!

And good grief, toy makers want you to be extra, super-specially sure you want to take them out of the packaging. Every piece of plastic rope tying down every single limb, dozens of pieces of tape securing the box and then securing each of the ties, plus little plastic bits of webbing holding the toy within - it's like the box is giving you the chance to back off. "Do you really want to open this? Are you sure? It's not too late you know - you're only a quarter of the way through..."

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for Starscream! )

In other news, vet visit today was good. I am proud to say I spent almost $300 CAD (2000RMB) to be told Ruthie is disgustingly healthy. She got her x-rays done (two plates, no sedation) and her hip bone has some more smoothness to it - like it's improving somewhat instead of getting worse. ^^ This is good. She also got her yearly vaccinations, a general checkup (eyes, teeth, gums, anal glands, heart/pulse, tummy manip etc), a bath and a haircut (she's got pink bows!! I asked for RED!!) , and got her teeth brushed. I also picked up a water fountain water dish for her, some cesar dog packets to mix with her food, two Revolution doses (this month and next), a new dog bowl, some puppy treats, some vitamiin supplements and a bottle of tear-stain removal for her eyes. Not a bad haul for just under $300. And that's it for the next six months, hopefully.

Lastly, I have video of my kids up on facebook, as well as two vids from Hangzhou  - one of the myna birds saying, 'Nihao" and another short video showing baby froggies at the tea farm - baby frogs about the size of a friggin' DIME. TINY. Must view. I don't know how to link to each video. Anyone have any pointers? Thank you LJ user 'thetech' for the help!

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