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My fandom name is Stormy1x2 and has been for the last 14 to 15 years (stretching back to my first fandom, Young Hercules, back when yahoogroups was still egroups and I was posting on usenet.groups using a 386 machine). The 1x2 was added in 1999 when I became a fan of Gundam Wing.

***** My newest fanfiction and fan art are being uploaded here at DW under my new community. Click to visit [community profile] stormy1x2fanfic for all my newest fanworks (and some oldies too). PG-13-and-under stuff (both fics and art) are unlocked and viewable to all. NC-17 stuff is under f-lock and key, so you need to subscribe to view.

I am a Canadian living in Shanghai since 2003, teaching English to Chinese kids who amaze and impress me every day. I have been a volunteer with the SCAA - the only animal rescue organization in Shanghai, nay, CHINA (exception being IFW in Hong Kong) since its inception in 2005. I am a foster parent (all my foster animal pics are available for viewing on my Facebook gallery), and the proud adoptive owner of a very special Shih Tzu/Maltese mix named Ruthie who is the light of my life. Despite spending most of her first two years being mistreated and living on the streets of Shanghai, she survived to become the friendliest and most perfect companion animal anyone could ever hope for, and I am so lucky to have her in my life.


I am a fandom brat and participate in anything that catches my attention (I have fics from over 35 fandoms written and posted on FFNet) but my favorite fandoms are Gundam Wing, Fast and the Furious (Dom/Bri), Spiderman (Spidey/Human Torch), Full Metal Alchemist (Roy/Ed), Queer as Folk (Brian/Mikey), TMNT (April/Casey), Prince of Tennis (Kirihara/Kamio, Momo/Ryoma, Silver Pair, Golden Pair, Inui/Kaido), Inuyasha (Inuyasha/Kagome), Transformers and Dragon ball Z (Trunks/Goten). I am primarily a yaoi fan but I can and do appreciate het fics as well (particularly in the Inuyasha fandom).

I am participating in two FF100 challenges. My tables for Mikey (TMNT) and PoT (Kirihara) can be found here:


I will upload some of my favorite fics here on DW, but the best bet to catch my newest stuff is to check out my FFNet profile.






I love to travel. I have been all over the Western coast of Canada and America, I've toured Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane specifically) and I've been to various places in China (favorites being Beijing, Hong Kong, Xi'An, Wu Xi, Macau, Hangzhou and Yi Wu). I've lived in Shanghai since 2003 and have no plans to move away anytime soon.

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I'm on Dreamwidth thanks to Order of Chaos (Thanks girly!!). My Livejournal name is traveling_storm and my journal there contains travel stories, teaching stories, fanfic and artwork from the last 6 years. Please see my LJ memories and keywords list to find what you're looking for.
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