Jan. 15th, 2012


Jan. 15th, 2012 10:12 pm
stormy1x2: Ruthie babushka dog (ruthie)
Well.. I still plan to hang out mostly at LJ but I might dust off my dreamwidth account a bit more often. My username is of course, [personal profile] stormy1x2 
and I have a fanworks repository that hasn't been updated in a while but it's still there (and holding a lot of old stuff I forgot I had, WOW).

Adoption Day today. A couple is looking for a companion animal for their spunky young kitten and are really interested in Cougar. They're gonna talk about it and let us know. L did a great job at 'selling' him but then, she's been doing great with him PERIOD.

See, Cougs has been living with L since the end of November. We thought the sheer number of animals and people in the old apartment was causing him to regress - he was getting more skittish than usual and wouldn't let us pet him much. With L, he was cuddling with her, SHOWERING with her, and letting her groom him. We took him back today so I can take him in for his checkup and vaxxes and have him on hand if the couple contacts LA and asks for a home adoption in the next week or so. If he doesn't get adopted, L will take him back next week. So far, he's a bit shy but he's been out exploring. Yuki has been hissing up a storm - and threatening to drain Kat's soul with each evil glare he sends her way - but that's mostly par for the course.

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