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1. If you start to cook something, REMEMBER you are cooking it.

2. Steamed dumplings very easily turn into cooked dumplings.

3. The wooden bamboo steamer CAN burn, despite the water.

4. And will continue to burn after you turn the heat off.

5. A pot that has boiled dry  STINKS. And won't come clean.

6. My apartment has no smoke detector.

7. I should have bought a 2nd pot earlier. Now I have no pot. *is sad* But I still have a wok! *perks up*
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'Splain please. 

I made Rice Krispie Squares for my Grade 4 class (yes, the class giving me mental fits at the moment with all the added prep I need to do) and had to go to the official site for the recipe. I mean, I know the ingredients, I just wanted to be sure of amounts.

The number of people on the site commenting about having problems making this was STAGGERING.

"It sticks to everything!"

"It got all over the kitchen!"

Ummm.. it's made of MARSHMALLOW. Of COURSE it's going to be sticky! *smacks idiots repeatedly* i can't believe people are afraid of letting ME near their kitchens. At least I can understand common sense things that SHOULD NOT NEED TO BE EXPLAINED.

And why do people think they need to stick their hands in the bowl to make this? One lady mentioned buttering EVERYTHING, including the pots, the spoons, the trays - and her ARMS up to her ELBOWS WTF - and she still complained it made a giant mess.

Okay, 4 cups'a mini-mallows inna pot. Two big spoons'a butter. Melt, while continuously stirring (I used a chopstick). 6 cups'a cereal inna 'nudder bowl. Pour mallow mix into the cereal. Use a big spoon and stir the heck out of it until all the 'Krispies are coated. Dip spoon in cold water, spoon inna greased pan, flatten with back'a da spoon (dip in more water as it gets sticky) and shove it into the tiny space in the fridge you managed to clear for it. Allow to set. Refrain from eating all of it right away. Give up as lost cause and eat entire tray. Repent at leisure.

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Let's start with life, actually. I went out and bought myself a lawn chair for my balcony. The sun is out almost every day here now, and it's gorgeous and warm and breezy and I have new books to read. This just SCREAMS of laying out in the sun. I shall post pics once the damn thing is put together. Which may take a while - I bought a kitchen organizer a week and a half ago and its corpse is still scattered around the kitchen, leaking screws and bits of metal post.

Another Open Class this Saturday in Qingpu. There are some teachers from another district coming to watch and take notes, but hey, no pressure. A fleet of teachers from Hangzhou are also coming next Wednesday to watch my five, who had better behave or I'll behead all of them with my textbook.

[personal profile] just_jesse  came over for dinner last night. It was fantabulous. I made chicken wings with mom's special sauce (yummy!) and frenchfries. We also had cucumbers and celery and real Bleu Cheese dressing (Jo has a new City Supermarket near her home, damn the woman. I still need to go downtown). She also helped me bake mountains of cookies. Why were there mountains of cookies in need of baking?

Because the grade 5's made cookies yesterday. They had a recipe they wrote down, mixed all the stuff together, rolled it out, used the cookie cutters, and I enlisted office people's help to carry trays of cookies home where we spent the next two hours baking cookies, two trays at a time, for 7 minute intervals. And I still have a huge bowl of dough left. >.<;;;;;;

I have a new desktop picture. It's pretty. Teaser:

Shiny knees. *petspetspets*

Smexy Deadpool.  )

Comic!Wade is pretty. So is Movie!Wade:

Here, have some MOAR pretty Movie!Wade:

Caution. Pics beneath the cut may cause squeeing, fainting, and spontaneous combustion. )

...Must take cold shower. Back later.

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So I had a long, very long meeting with my boss today to talk about my upcoming new promotion and the duties that lie ahead. :D  If it all works out according to plan, yes insanely busy, but yes, also highly interesting. And lucrative. That's always a selling point.

<lj user="wispykitty"> broke my brain, so I immediately had to replace it with the images of happiness. Here, have some more Deadpool icons.

No luck finding the puppy yet. Spent another hour wandering Gunagzhong road (steering clear of the military housing area this time) but not a glimpse of the little brat. Poor thing. I hope it's ok.

Joanna ([personal profile] just_jesse )is coming to dinner tomorrow night. I am making chicken wings and french fries, and we will attempt to make a chocolate cake. I am also pressing for the watching of the Fast and the Furious parts 1 and 2. See, I managed to introduce Jo to the concept of fandoms, and she's really gotten into it. Unfortunately, her main fandom at the moment is 'Twilight'. Yes, I have failed.

However, after seeing Wolverine: Origins, she is interested in Logan/Gambit ficbits (I must remember to send her to Creed's archive) and I have no doubt she will follow in my Dom/Bri footsteps once she sees the yumminess that is FatF 1. :D

Six weeks and counting until I get 5-6 weeks off (later if I decline the summer camp option - don't know yet).

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