stormy1x2: Ryan Rennolds as Wade Wilson 'Deadpool' credit: stormy1x2 (deadpool)
I am in serious need of some help. I had a rather.. vivid plot bunny attack me and demand to be written. Unfortunately it was only 3 pages of a scene, lacking a coherent beginning, a decent ending, and a few gaps that need to be plugged in the middle.

It's a rather descriptive, slashy lemon between Wade and Logan (set before Logan abandons the team in Africa) and I need someone willing to help me rip it apart and put it back together. I'm looking for harsh C&C, not ego-stroking. Yes-men need not apply. Tell me a section sucks, I will nod, and work harder. :D  It's meant to be a one shot, preferably not to go over 5 pages (already at 3 going on 4) so you don't need to be on hand for hours. I just need to clean it up.

Seriously, I don't do these pieces too often, so I like them to at least 'okay' if not 'fabulous' before I release them to the general public.

Anyone with the necessary cruelty interested? ^^  Please? As a thank you, should I write something that actually appeals, I will write another fic of your choosing. ^__^

[edit] Thank you [personal profile] ukefied !

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