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Dude, apparently two of my fics placed in the rankings this year. :D

Mikey the Mystic Master - Tied for 3rd place in the category 'Best Michaelangelo Scene'
Follow the Leader - 3rd place for 'Best Happy Ending'

Special thanks and shout-outs for those who voted. ^^ Hell, thanks to whoever nominated my stuff. ^^ It's been a while since I've paid the SS forums a visit, so this was a pleasant surprise. ^^  Especially since Follow the Leader was posted rather quickly - it desperately needs a thorough combing over via a beta (so many ERRORS, the SHAME of it).

I just finished posting a TON of Hangzhou pics on facebook and on photobucket (they all needed editing and resizing which took a good 3 hours) so expect a writeup with an accompanying pic-post to show up here within the next few days. I was experimenting with my camera and a lot of the pics, especially the closeups, came out really nice IMHO. The trip was great except for a violent bout of sickness Friday night (which led to me missing the site where they filmed 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and dinner, and I was pickpocketed on Saturday so I lost my freaking cell phone. I bought a new one today and I have to learn how to use the damn thing all over again.

Ruthie has a vet visit at 9AM (bi-annual x-rays and annual vaccination time) plus a trip to the groomers directly afterwards, and it takes almost an hour to get out there. Bedtime for Bongo.

(PS yay for x-posting!! yes, I am now on dreamwidth under stormy1x2!)

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