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My huge monster of a fic is now being posted. Chapters 1-3 are now available for reading here at DW or at FFNet but the DW posts have fan art within the fic so it's better to read it here. ^^  First three chapters are about 20,000 words (fic overall is hovering close to the 45,000 word mark). Chapter 4 will be up within a week or so (just waiting for my beta-reader to come back from her vacation).

Tennis Teens for Charity

Summary:  In an effort to make the youth of today respectable and responsible citizens of the future, the Education Ministry of Japan passes a rule requiring all graduates to complete a number of volunteer hours or fund-raising projects for the charity/organization of their choice. When Kamio comes face to face with a problem he can't fix by himself, tennis players from across Kanto rally to help one of their own.

Story Details:

Pairing: primarily KiriKam but has lots of others inside, some established and some being hinted at.  Lots of Rikkai and Hyoutei action plus many other schools as well.

Rating: Overall, PG-13 for language

Warnings: fluff, schmoop, angst, mention of past childhood traumas, lotsa slash and some het. 

Timeline: 3 years post-anime. 2nd year of highschool. Akaya/Akira - 16. Sachiko - 10 (near 11). Michiko - 9. 

Notes: if you haven't read any of the LGO arc before, you might be a bit confused as to what's going on, but if you can accept that Akaya and Akira are a couple, Akira and An Tachibana now go to Rikkai, and Kamio's raising his little sisters, than you can read the fic with minimal problems. Also, flashbacks hinted at in the fic are being written for a future fic, where they'll be fleshed out in much more depth. You'll see what I mean when you read it.

Tennis Teens for Charity

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Update for my fanworks journal. In order of posting:

- 2 new Inuyasha sketches posted
- New LGO'verse Prince of Tennis (Kirihara/Kamio) fanfic posted, chapter 1 of 3. Every LGO fic I have is also now posted there. See tags.
-crapload of Naruto fan art (mostly Genin 9 as jounins). Actually older artwork, posted for completion. ^^
- 23 Deadpool icons
- 15 Sonic Underground icons
- more old fan art  for Parallel (Harry Potter/Gundam Wing). Don't honestly remember if these pics have ever seen the light of day before.
- Art dump from multiple fandoms:  TMNT, DBZ, Inuyasha, WWE, HP, Naruto and X-Force
- Some PoT -specific fan art
- Parts 1 to 5 (of evetual 6) of slashy My Little Pony (Ace/Teddy) fic
- Transformers fic (Red Alert, Prowl)
- Transformers comic strip

And much much more. Please to enjoy. ^__^

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Dude, apparently two of my fics placed in the rankings this year. :D

Mikey the Mystic Master - Tied for 3rd place in the category 'Best Michaelangelo Scene'
Follow the Leader - 3rd place for 'Best Happy Ending'

Special thanks and shout-outs for those who voted. ^^ Hell, thanks to whoever nominated my stuff. ^^ It's been a while since I've paid the SS forums a visit, so this was a pleasant surprise. ^^  Especially since Follow the Leader was posted rather quickly - it desperately needs a thorough combing over via a beta (so many ERRORS, the SHAME of it).

I just finished posting a TON of Hangzhou pics on facebook and on photobucket (they all needed editing and resizing which took a good 3 hours) so expect a writeup with an accompanying pic-post to show up here within the next few days. I was experimenting with my camera and a lot of the pics, especially the closeups, came out really nice IMHO. The trip was great except for a violent bout of sickness Friday night (which led to me missing the site where they filmed 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and dinner, and I was pickpocketed on Saturday so I lost my freaking cell phone. I bought a new one today and I have to learn how to use the damn thing all over again.

Ruthie has a vet visit at 9AM (bi-annual x-rays and annual vaccination time) plus a trip to the groomers directly afterwards, and it takes almost an hour to get out there. Bedtime for Bongo.

(PS yay for x-posting!! yes, I am now on dreamwidth under stormy1x2!)

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