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Without fail, usually when my house goes foster-free, I find my newest 'little' within a few days. Sometimes I find them before my house is foster-free.  Knock on fake wood, it's been a few weeks now with no new sad-sacks around.

So imagine my non-surprise today. I had Ruthie in her carrier on the way to the vet (check-up and vaccinations overdue - bad momma) when I saw a tiny shadow dart under the car ahead of me. I put the carrier down, crouched in front of the car and called out softly.

The little bit came hopping out, directly into my arms where he curled up inside my leather jacket and started purring up a storm. "why hello, you," I told him. "I've been waiting for you."

Now clean, Revo'd, antibiotic'd and full of food, he's in quarantine in the bathroom (mild case of ringworm) and he's on a daily dose of meds to treat that for the next month, with a follow-up visit in 2 weeks.

Meet Spitfire - Spitz for short!

He looks much better after a nice bath at the vets today. :) 

stormy1x2: Ruthie babushka dog (Default)
Here we go! 

Waiting for our luggage in the Kashgar airport. This is a TINY airport but surprisingly well-run.

first meal, first day )Candid classroom shots )

Back in time for a moment.

The rooms were nice and so were the beds... after I went to everyone's room and stole the 2nd set of comforters and
mattress toppers from everyone. I'm pretty sure Mel has a pic of me running down the hallway, a mountain of bedding over
my head and trailing down my back like a cape, cackling like an idiot. ^^

A famous  - and beautiful - park in Kashgar.

Kashgar version of central park )

First night planning session. )

Mel plans her first day.

After a week of non-stop teaching and planning, we were dying to get out. Playing pool in the hotel's connection to the old British Consulate (YEARS ago), helped a bit.

Pool, drinking games, it's all good. )

That weekend we got our first excursion. It was to a coffee shop.

Not as fun but it was out of the hotel. )

Our first day trip was to the mausoleums. The temple was gorgeous:

Watch where you're aiming that camel! )

Then there was the whole Pumpkin-Gate scandal.

The story of the Pump-kid. )

It was good. Ra-men. :)  More pics of the 2nd half of our trip to come soon. :)


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