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Ten years. OVER TEN YEARS. I and a large group of loyal fans have been swearing up, down, left and right Rictor and Shatterstar, of X-Force fame, were a couple. So many hints dropped over the years (hell, I even did a writeup for them over at ship_manifesto) and then the books dropped the whole angle. Shatterstar disappeared and Rictor.. well, he went through a whole lotta hell in a handbasket. But then last month 'Star made his return, and over at ricstar , guesses went up over what this could signify, what would happen to old dropped storylines etcm etc, and then the wonderful, fabulous zully posted this page scan from (V2) X-Force #45:

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! )

(am still not a fan of the artist 'cause he makes everyone look ugly, but WHO CARES?!?!?)

Because I'm on a  proxy system, I'm having a hell of a time posting links from proxied sites like LJ, so all credit for the scan goes to zully, who has made the day of all ricstar fangirls. :D 

Ten freaking years we've been saying it, almost 12 eally, when you think about it....  I am so hoping this revitalizes the fandom and we see a new crop of fanficcers get out there and DOCUMENT THIS! :D

I have other things to post, I know, but I just had to do this first. :D

stormy1x2: Ryan Rennolds as Wade Wilson 'Deadpool' credit: stormy1x2 (deadpool)
'Cause the world just needs more Deadpool.

He is so depraved. And a voyeur. ^___^

Spying Deadpool, killing Deadpool, and yes - even CROSS DRESSING Deadpool.  )

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. :D

stormy1x2: Ryan Rennolds as Wade Wilson 'Deadpool' credit: stormy1x2 (deadpool)
I went digging through my box of reading materals (everything from magazines, newspapers I've kept for some reason, books, and comic books) to see just what it was I had lurking there. Lo and behold, I had another Deadpool issue. Issue 31 to be exact.

Not scanning the whole thing, but I did choose 7  pages that had some good Deadpool art/banter. The two women he's with - Ilaney (German, saved her life back in the 'teens period of the series and made her his personal pilot), and Mercedes - apparently his 'wife - are pretty cool. I like the ch-chkkk part. :D

This issue was interesting because it was the end of the major story arc of the series up to that point, and even looks like it ends on a happy note. Of course, with Wade's luck, we all know that can't happen, and sure enough the last page - which I didn't scan because no one would understand the significance of the surprise show-up is unless you've read the book to that point - marks the beginning of yet another downward spiral for our favorite merc-with-a-mouth. However, Wade always eventually lands on his feet, and he DOES get over everything. Eventually. Cracking quips all the way. :D I love this man.

Welcome to Landau, Luckman, and Lake - an interstellar banking and company holdings facility that can buy and sell your universe before lunchtime:

They're prisoners for the moment, even though DP was working for them. Apparently he did his job a little too well. Please take note of the company policy bulletin board on the wall. :D

7 piccies under the cut plus added bonus of bulemic!Deadpool )

In about 6 weeks, I'll be back in Canada and the first thing I'mma do is dig out all my old back issues. Deadpool needs more love.

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