Sep. 3rd, 2012

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So it's been one year since our group of 6 teachers became the first foreigners designated, sent and approved by the foreign experts bureau to do teacher training in Kashgar. I've never posted pics from that trip or even mentioned any real stories from it because it was a very conflicting trip. On one hand, the locals were lovely to us, we had beautiful accommodations, the food was out of this world amazing, and the teachers were so dedicated and hard-working - both our team, and the ones we came to train.

Cut for length, mild over-dramatic tones. Skip at will. )

I don't regret that trip for anything - if nothing else, it made us all a little world-wiser, and we will know what to expect in the future. These are all positive things. If we have the chance, I most certainly WILL go back. But it took a while before I could work out that trip in my head. I suspect my fellow teachers felt the same way - I see several of them all the time and we never have those 'do remember that time in Xinjian' stories... none of them have posted pics online, and a few say he/she hasn't even told her family about the trip. It was eye-opening.

It was also a beautiful place with the warmest people and so many interesting things to both see and do and I've decided to focus on the positive side and start sharing some pics from that trip. I have a 250-page diary filled from that journey that I am slowly typing up and maybe one day I'll share that too.

Pictures to come when I get home tonight.  They are taking FOREVER to upload to photobucket.

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