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So I had a long, very long meeting with my boss today to talk about my upcoming new promotion and the duties that lie ahead. :D  If it all works out according to plan, yes insanely busy, but yes, also highly interesting. And lucrative. That's always a selling point.

<lj user="wispykitty"> broke my brain, so I immediately had to replace it with the images of happiness. Here, have some more Deadpool icons.

No luck finding the puppy yet. Spent another hour wandering Gunagzhong road (steering clear of the military housing area this time) but not a glimpse of the little brat. Poor thing. I hope it's ok.

Joanna ([personal profile] just_jesse )is coming to dinner tomorrow night. I am making chicken wings and french fries, and we will attempt to make a chocolate cake. I am also pressing for the watching of the Fast and the Furious parts 1 and 2. See, I managed to introduce Jo to the concept of fandoms, and she's really gotten into it. Unfortunately, her main fandom at the moment is 'Twilight'. Yes, I have failed.

However, after seeing Wolverine: Origins, she is interested in Logan/Gambit ficbits (I must remember to send her to Creed's archive) and I have no doubt she will follow in my Dom/Bri footsteps once she sees the yumminess that is FatF 1. :D

Six weeks and counting until I get 5-6 weeks off (later if I decline the summer camp option - don't know yet).

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