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Ten years. OVER TEN YEARS. I and a large group of loyal fans have been swearing up, down, left and right Rictor and Shatterstar, of X-Force fame, were a couple. So many hints dropped over the years (hell, I even did a writeup for them over at ship_manifesto) and then the books dropped the whole angle. Shatterstar disappeared and Rictor.. well, he went through a whole lotta hell in a handbasket. But then last month 'Star made his return, and over at ricstar , guesses went up over what this could signify, what would happen to old dropped storylines etcm etc, and then the wonderful, fabulous zully posted this page scan from (V2) X-Force #45:


(am still not a fan of the artist 'cause he makes everyone look ugly, but WHO CARES?!?!?)

Because I'm on a  proxy system, I'm having a hell of a time posting links from proxied sites like LJ, so all credit for the scan goes to zully, who has made the day of all ricstar fangirls. :D 

Ten freaking years we've been saying it, almost 12 eally, when you think about it....  I am so hoping this revitalizes the fandom and we see a new crop of fanficcers get out there and DOCUMENT THIS! :D

I have other things to post, I know, but I just had to do this first. :D

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